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Ruian Xinda Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is founded in 2003, located in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province. It is a high-tech enterprise with all vitality, potential and comprehensive strength. Set of scientific research, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the professional equipment manufacturers. It is a manufacturing enterprise dominated by the application of ultrasonic wave to non-woven fabric industry. We have independently developed and produced two kinds of professional machinery and equipment: non woven bag making machine series and medical labor protection mask machine series. Our equipment has excellent quality and is sold well local and abroad. It has been sent to and popular in South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Brazil, United States. The quality of the products get CE certification, and has won a good reputation from all customers.

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    Founded in 1995
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    24 years experience
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    More than 18 products
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    More than 2 billion



  • Bag Printing Machine

    Bag Printing Machine

    1.Characteristics a.Themetercountercansetprintingquantityaccordingtotherequirements.Stopthemachineautomaticallyatthequantityorwhenthematerialiscutoff. b.Reliabledryingsystemcoordinatedwithhigh-speedrotation,itwillautomaticallybreakcircuitwhenthemachinestops. c.Thefrequencycontrolofmotorspeedadaptstodifferentprintingspeeds. d.ThereareJogging/Stoppingbuttonsontheplaterollerbaseandmaterialrollingracksoastomakeiteasyoperatethemachinewhentheplateisinstalled. 2.Main Technic...

  • Automatic Shopping Bag Making Machine

    Automatic Shopping Bag...

    1.Nonwoven fabric usage: (1)Medical and health usage:operation suit,garment,face mask,diaper,sanitary napkin,disposable hygiene product.etc;(2)Home decoration:shopping bag,wall covering fabric,table cloth,bed sheet,bedspread.etc;(3)Lining for clothes or shoes:lining,adhesive interlining,shoe lining.etc;(4)Agricultural usage:Protection cover,nursery cover.etc; 2.Bag information Non Woven Zipper Bag (making online) Bag Length: 100-800 mmBag High: 200-580 mmBottom Gusset: 0-180 mm Non Woven ...

  • Automatic Zipper Bag Making Machine

    Automatic Zipper Bag M...

    1.Performance and Characteristics The machine is currently the most functional on the market a multi-functional bag making machine. You can make 6 different types of bags,including: zipper bags, three-dimensional bags, rope bags, zipper bags, flat pockets, vest bags. 2.Detailed 3.Service Advantage 1.The cutter is made of imported steel, and its durability and service life are 20% longer 2. Imported yade polite cylinder and pneumatic components. Durable and stable. 3. Low voltage e...

  • Non Woven Box Bag Making Machine

    Non Woven Box Bag Maki...

    1.Main Introductions 2.Main Detail 3.Main Technical Parameters 4.Service How To Order We are a professional factory producing food machinery and packing machinery.We provide low price&high quality machines for all the world.In case of our machines,it'll reduce your cost dramatically and increase your production. So do contact us for further infromation.Sincerely hope our clients ride on the crest of success. TradeTerm ·Payment:30%T/TDEPOSITPAYMENTINADVANCE,BALANCET/TBEFORESH...

  • Non Woven Carry Bag Making Machine

    Non Woven Carry Bag Ma...

    1.Main Introductions Fullyautomatic nonwoven bag making machine with online handle attaching, this model combined with a variety of functions, through a simple adjustment can produce different bag type, improve equipment utilization, online handle fixing reduce the bias caused by artificial iron, and effectively reduce labor costs, one touch operate make the operation more convenient, Ideal for customers with diverse orders. 2.Main Technical Parameters Model WFB-DT600 Max.BagMakin...


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  • 无纺布生产线

    Benefits of non-woven production line

    The non-woven fabric production line is a machine with multiple functions, fast speed and stable performance. This machine is an integral part of the textile industry, it can make non-woven fabrics, printed and non-printed gift bags, flat bags, tote bags, T-bags, drawstr...

  • automatic-non-woven-fabric-slitting-machine54579154931

    How to choose a suitable non-woven fabric slitting machine

    The non-woven fabric slitting machine is an efficient mechanical equipment widely used in the field of non-woven fabric production. Its main function is to cut various non-woven materials into different sizes to meet the production needs of different purposes. This article will introduce the rele...